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Water Sign: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces fall within this category. True to their sign, these people are as mysterious as the deep blue sea. They are emotional with a sensitive nature and also have a very good memory bank. Air Sign: Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are governed by this element. These people are very friendly and very adept in communication skills.

Very intelligent, they are thinkers. Fire Sign: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius belong to this category. True to their sign, they are energetic, dynamic, passionate and temperamental. These people are also very idealistic. Earth Sign: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are ruled by the element earth. These people remain grounded and are very practical and realistic.

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They are very fond of the lap of luxury and are known to maintain a rock hard support as a friend in the time of difficulties. The Zodiac Belt is divided into twelve parts and these are the astrological signs. Each of these zodiacs is unique in its attributes and here is a comprehensive picture of the traits of each of them:.

Viji Athreye. I am an Indian I am extremely perturbed by the social issues concerning India. I in my own capacity am trying to bring about that change for a brighter tomorrow. Profitable financial trends return in November, but you may be more interested in enjoying yourself than in salting away more cash.

Vedic Astrology: Signs or Rashis

But will family members back you? No shouting!

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You may not be surprised to hear that domestic ambitions are dominant in June, although you will realise just how closely your public hopes are tied to your private world. It might not be until July or August that you achieve your wish of more spacious and comfortable accommodation.

Who Moved My Stars? A Tale of Three Zodiacs

Social stars are well aspected for May, which could find you taking a romantic break, or even travelling for emotional reasons. There could be the odd legal hassle to sort out, so make sure you are clear about your rights before the boundaries blur. It is a fine month, too, for financial ventures, perhaps expensive outings and extravagant liaisons. When you are stepping out, choose the smartest clothes, the flashiest restaurant and the priciest item on the menu, especially if you are not paying. June and July may be rather stressful all round, mainly because partners just do not seem to understand how wonderful you are.

They should realise the error by the end of the year, to your great satisfaction! Yet, if you are as tied as the rest of us then you should take it slowly and treat all legal matters with great care, sparing no effort to get the details right. One of your main concerns will be money, the need for more and the necessity to sensibly handle that which does come your way.

Mars — planet of energy and assertion — forms an extravagant alignment in August, so this could be your moment to build your future prosperity. You can be comfortable in the knowledge that your archetypal, essential nature, especially your gentle conservatism, is just what the situation demands until at least April or May. However, a sub-plot is being played out by Venus, planet of love. This is likely to mean that your personal relationships, particularly those that impinge on your family life, are due to go through an uncertain phase after August.

Other classifications of signs:

The fact is that loved ones may have a clearer idea of what is good for you than you realise. Your intuition will be the most powerful factor in determining romantic outings and experiences in October and November, but you must guard against unfounded suspicions and give rivals no cause to doubt your sincerity. You might experience one or two shocks early in the year, perhaps because it will become clear that what you have done so far is just not good enough. Still, you will be able to radically reorganise your working life for the better.

Your task is a difficult one — to preserve what is best about the past while actively promoting the future, working to build up your security and responsibilities and retain a sense of absolute freedom to do and feel as you please. You may not be fond of hard work, yet the year will be much more fortunate than otherwise if you consciously put as much effort as you can into developing new responsibilities.

This means that, if you have not done so already, by November, you will be developing your creative skills. At the very least you should expand your horizons to take in colourful new interests and activities. You should be getting out and about, enjoying yourself and making useful contacts for the future. With Jupiter — planet of good fortune — so prominent, you can hardly fail to try your best on all relationships and there is an excellent chance of success. One word of warning though — do not put too huge demands on partners that they cannot be fulfilled.

By the middle of the year you should notice a distinct improvement in your social situation, perhaps because you would be in a much more confident and happy to stand up for yourself. Later in the year, romance will be based around home — entertaining, with old friends who are more like part of the family appearing on the scene. First, you will recognise the ways in which your attitudes and behaviour create unwanted consequences and then you will realise how you can change your destiny by altering your approach. At work, you will reinforce the all-round impression that you are a pleasant and considerate person even when Mars increases stress levels after May.

With a little support from employers you will conquer your fear of the future and, by August, you will be contemplating your next leap into the unknown with courage and confidence. Your financial prospects are very uncertain, and it could be October before all your efforts pay off and a thumping loss becomes a healthy profit. Your horoscope for the first half of the year continues in a state which can only be described as perfect.

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True, there are many challenges, especially in your family affairs and in your ability to deal with people you live with, yet it is in coping with such questions that the path to true self-understanding lies. And, from self-awareness flows that feeling of contentment for which you yearn.

What makes your chart so utterly remarkable until July is the presence of the small and little-known celestial body, Chiron, in an alignment with your house of marriage. Chiron is known as a teacher, a healer, a bringer of strange encounters. Any wish made in the right spirit must therefore soon be granted. Whatever happens, remember that Jupiter, a jovial and beneficial planet, is well-placed to support you all year, helping you to broaden your ambitions and achieve your aims.

April highlights the pressure for a fresh start compelling you to re-evaluate your current emotional aspirations. It is likely that opposition from someone else, who is very close to you, may be the catalyst for a new relationship in August, September and November. November raises your expectations in a number of ways and the outcome could be expensive as well as socially enjoyable. However, if you do take on something new it should be in a spirit of total determination.

You must be willing to face the consequences of your choice and not change course in mid-stream. Travel stars predominate in June so you maybe on the road, checking out new business options or exploring fresh professional possibilities. You will ask yourself whether you can really afford to take a trip at this time. The other, easier option is that you stay put and the world comes to you.

Even after then, relations and other people you live with, will seem curiously determined to misinterpret the most simple requests and proposals. Well, by April you should be ready to rouse yourself, seize control of the situation and impose your will in your gentle but uncompromising manner.

In the meantime, please tackle practical issues and leave emotional complications to look after themselves. By September, even those of you in settled relationships will be having decidedly pleasant and refreshing encounters.

Venus will bring brighter romantic prospects with a chance of dramatic change. You may live more than you have lived for twelve years! Macho Mars challenges you to stand up for yourself and make sure that from now on partners know that you mean business. October could bring unexpected storms.

During December you will be looking for emotional support, although you might have to put your interests second, allowing partners to take the lead. It is an excellent business year, even though you may not be aware of the full implications of what is happening and it is still possible that you might miss the boat. After all, if you do not maximise your earnings and spot the right ways to save and spend, you cannot expect circumstances to do all the hard work for you.

What Is My Zodiac Sign According To Indian Astrology

What you need to do is translate your hopes and desires into hard cash. At work, you will become all too aware that it is not a good idea to have all your eggs in one basket. You are simply going to have to change the nature of your ambitions and be more versatile. The broader your skills the more you will be in control of your own destiny. You will take life one day at a time, slowly in February, faster in March and positively in April.

Questions which you thought would never be answered may finally be settled and people who seemed impossibly weird may turn out to be quite normal! The most positive way to deal with family affairs after September is to follow your hunches, act on the basis of intuition, allow free rein to your imagination and indulge your dreams. And give far more prominence to pure romance than has often been the case.

Emotional planets will be sending other people to challenge you on all fronts, but do not fight back blindly; listen to what they have to say about you and try to remedy any shortcomings which you think might be true. Magnetic Mars puts you in top gear for joint business projects and you and a lover could be heading for a healthy profit. Developments will be especially lively after October. Your professional stars are well aspected early in the year. This is good news, but more important is the fact that it is a fine moment to discover your spiritual values and bring out your philanthropic side.

It would not be surprising if you contemplated a complete change of professional direction around the middle of the year, perhaps as a result of a domestic shift. More significantly though, it is a time when your creative imagination is set to bloom so, even if you are staying put, do everything you can to make your work more colourful and, most importantly, personally fulfilling. The time for action is now but the best approach one day may not be the same as on the next.