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Roger Sampson July 5, at pm. Armand August 4, at am. Dcj August 5, at am. Capt South T. Lynn July 6, at am.

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They tend to drop the possessive apostrophe 50 years or so after original use. Sandra Kaye August 4, at pm. Colleen August 4, at pm. Jazzlunatique August 4, at pm. Bill Malone July 5, at pm. I knew Tad Jones.

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Great guy and great researcher. Reginald Jackson August 4, at pm.

By George, IT IS Washington’s Birthday!

Baptismal birth records were actually more accurate than city or town records in those days. Joanne E. Rameka August 4, at pm. Is THAT all you got out of that article? Grammar and definitions? The 0 year is always the first year of the century…just as it was in the 1st century. Norris August 5, at am. Except there was no year 0. The calendar starts at 1AD. Bob "Hubba Jubba" Moss August 5, at am.

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  • DJ August 5, at pm. Paul-Emile Chenois July 5, at pm.

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    For information about when the 11, 22 and 33 should be considered Master numbers, and when they should simply be reduced to their 2, 4 or 6 single-digit counterparts, read all about reducing Master numbers. The number 11 represents instinct, and is the most intuitive of all numbers. It is your connection to your subconscious, to gut feeling and knowledge without rationality.

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    The danger of the 11 is that it needs to be focused on a very specific, concrete goal. If you have 11 in your chart and it isn't attached to a specific project, you will most likely experience anxiety and fear.

    It's extremely powerful and capable of great things, but can also be extremely self-sabotaging when not used correctly. If you have the Master number 11 in your Numerology chart, tap into it and use it to create personal power and spiritual evolution. Do not deny your instincts, and let your inner, guiding voice push you toward growth and stability.

    This is a number of faith, and very much associated with psychics, clairvoyants and prophets. The Master number 22 holds more power than any other number earning it the nickname "the Master Builder".

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    It is a pragmatic number, a doer, capable of spinning wild dreams into concrete reality. Will it be a double album? The band toured South America in the spring, ahead of a North American stint in the early summer. The Killers tease new album with list of potential song titles.

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    Courtney Love teases Hole reunion with rehearsal session in LA. The Credit: Getty.